Ebony, 2022

Brief from Client: Replace Concrete and Clay Tile Roof with Colorsteel Ebony Endura along with Replace Spouting and Downpipes to match.

Sub-Contractors: Scafit, Harrison's Hiremaster (tip truck)Action Drainage, Longrun Spouting.

Actual Job: Have Scaffold erected due to risk of falling from heights (Worksafe requirement for roof pitch over 25 degrees), remove concrete tiles, throw into tip-truck working section by section, re-purlin roof to take longrun iron, install covertek 401 Roofing underlay, install iron. Have Action
Drainage reduce height of chimney over lounge, Once all roof faces complete Scaffold removed. Site tidy. Longrun Spouting custom-made new spouting to fit inside timber cradles that are a feature of this 1950's ex-manse; along with fitting new Colorsteel downpipes.

Final site check done by JJ Roofing.


Ebony Colorsteel replacement roof by JJ Roofing
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